With the innovative lunaSYSTEM NSC offers a complete and well-arranged system of CCTV-technology.

Hightech made easy: simply planning – installing – supporting

lunaSYSTEM stands for simple usability and standardised, cross-technology display of images and user interfaces. „lunaSYSTEM compatibility“ allows the display of several recorder images on one and the same user interface, even when several different technologies have been combined in one system. With the lunaIP-recorders this stand alone is possible. Two technologies for FullHD (2,1MP) via Coax: lunaHD-SDI and lunaHD-CVI. The lunaCMS-software provides for a pc-based management system.

HD-CVI Megapixel via coaxial cable

HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a new standard for transmitting high resolution videos (720p/1080p), data and audiosignals via common coaxial cable.

The interface

The CVI interface is specially designed for transmitting high resolution videosignals in the field of videosurveillance. The cameras are connected via BNC connections and 75 ohm coaxial cables (e.g., RG59) – as has been common practice in video surveillance technology for decades. You can continue using this infrastructure of your existing systems.

Cable length

The quadrature amplitude modulation of the signals (video, data, audio) allows for a significant reduction of data volume. Cable lengths up to 500m with HD (720p) or up to 300m with Full HD (1080p) are possible, even with the standard coaxial cable used for decades in video surveillance.


With the maximum resolution of HD-CVI cameras (1080p / Full HD) you can display and record five times as much image information as with common analog camera models. Image scanning is progressive, so that moving objects will always be displayed sharp and in detail.

Advantages HD-CVI
  • Megapixel resolution
  • Long transmission distance (up to 500m)
  • Data and audio transmission
  • UTP capable
  • No image delay (latency)