Stratos Multi-channel Aspirating Smoke Detector

Stratos Multi-Channel is a flexible aspirating smoke solution that not only makes installation easier and maintenance faster, but also offers more applications than traditional air monitoring detectors. For Stratos Multi-Channel, the sensitive control electronics are housed in a separate housing, separate from the air collection and inspection devices. This component split results in a unique modular design that avoids many of the typical traps that often arise in cable, power, and piping applications. The Stratos solution includes two basic module types: a control module with display, a control module with minimum display. Up to eight detector modules, each with 100 meters of piping, can be connected to these. The control and detector modules communicate with each other via RS-485 networking.

Highly efficient construction

Thanks to the patented Stratos design, a single Stratos control module can monitor up to 800 meters of intake pipes in eight different zones. This highly efficient design also means that the length of the intake pipes can be optimally utilized in the area to be monitored. Assignment of the monitoring sections is simplified and the response time of the detectors is shortened. Of course, such a customizable and efficient device layout is cost-effective, as Stratos can operate a larger surveillance room with fewer control units. Fewer control units mean less cable length back to the fire alarm system control and therefore less overall cost to the entire system. This in turn means more efficient service, more efficient maintenance and operating costs, and more options

Future-oriented features

Stratos Multi-Channel is not just about efficient system design. It is also and above all about easy connectivity, extraordinary ease of use and technology that makes air intake monitoring a viable solution for almost any application. With forward-looking features, Stratos is the ideal solution for environments where other smoke detectors will not work. Forward scattering optical detection allows early warning without the risk of false alarms otherwise known from highly sensitive smoke detectors. Last but not least, an exclusive environmental compensation technology creates even greater reliability.